If you have found your way here, it means that you belong to, or know of, an organisation that you wish to report in some way. It may be a company or a public organisation, such as the authorities or municipalities. A financial or non-profit association is also considered to be an organisation.
You will find the code in the same place that you found the address for this service, i.e. on your organisation's website.
Each organisation that uses Trumpet has its own identity in our system. Each identity has an associated committee that decides how the case will be assessed, as well as potentially investigated. By using the correct code, the case will be created for the correct organisation whose whistleblower service we manage. This ensures, from the very beginning, that we will refer your report to the correct committee.
In your report, you can specifically state whether the complaint concerns a group's subsidiary, or e.g. a specific department.

Which organisation does your report concern?

Every organisation has a unique code, allowing us to ensure that you are reporting about the correct organisation. You will find the code on the organisation's website.